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Research Based Love Quotes For Him. What Men Really Want to Hear!

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

In a world full of careers, kids, housework and errands, it can be harder than ever to genuinely connect with your partner and tell him how much you love and admire his contributions to your home and relationship.

But it is crucial that you do!

Approximately 80% of men that I see in my office have one common theme occurring in their relationships: They would rather feel respected than loved.

Many men are not sure if they are good enough. They'll say, “I know my wife loves me. I don’t think she respects me.”

Don’t take my word for it. Numerous therapists and doctors have reported the same events happening in their offices.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Dr. Emerson Eggerichs have written books on this topic!

Feeling Respected Rather than Loved

Dr. Eggerichs’s asked the question, “If you were forced to choose one of the following, which would you prefer to endure?”

(A) To be left alone and unloved in the world or

(B) To feel inadequate and disrespected by everyone [1; p. 49].

Out of 400 men, 74% of them stated that they would rather experience A than B. Meaning that they would rather feel unloved than disrespected!

Where Drs. Schlessinger and Eggerichs start to miss the mark is that the desire to be respected is not only experienced by men.

Dr. Shauna Springer conducted a Lifestyle Poll of female, Harvard college graduates.

She found that, when asked the same question from above, 65% of 1200 women reported the same thing—they would rather feel unloved than disrespected [2].

That is why it is so important that the things you say aren't just love quotes for him, but respect quotes as well.

This article is to help give you quick, simple quotes for how you can remind your significant other how much you respect him.

Although this current article will focus on “love quotes for him"—I really mean, respect quotes for men that can be rephrased for women as well.

With each of these suggestions, please keep in mind to alter them according to your significant other. He may need to hear something more or something less.

10 Love Quotes for Him to Feel Respected:

“I deeply respect who you are as a man (or provider/father/partner).”
“You are so [Insert specific personality characteristic] (i.e. kind, generous, loving).”
“Is there anything that I can do to help you do today?”
“Thank you for helping me with __________. It took a lot off of my plate.”
“I love and admire how our kids look up to you.”
“One thing that I (or your kids) learn from you everyday is how to lead and nourish.”
“Thank you for providing for me/us.”
“I admire that you are such a (i.e. go-getter, hard-worker, great provider).”
“Thank you for helping our house feel like a home. I love the life we have built together.”
“You are everything that I want in a man, husband, provider, etc.”

Love Quotes for Him Relating to the 5 Love Languages

From the conversations that I have with men everyday, most of them light up when you discuss their abilities to protect and provide for their families.

Now, I definitely do not like to give generalizations for a large population, which is why I say COMMUNICATE with your significant other.

He may want to receive something different from you, which is why I want to briefly discuss the 5 Love Languages.

Without going into a great amount of detail regarding each love language, they are:

  1. "Words of affirmation

  2. Physical touch

  3. Gifts

  4. Quality time, and

  5. Acts of service" [3]

Now, this article has covered words of affirmation but if that’s not your partner’s love language, he will need to see and hear you do other things.

For example, he may like backrubs and cuddles (physical touch) or have 20 minutes of your undivided attention (quality time).

I encourage you to ask your partner what he needs specifically and do that in combination with saying the love quotes for him above.

Trending “Love Quotes for Him”

Throughout my years of education, I have always been taught to provide my clients with research-based evidence and material.

The main reason I started was because a lot of the information online is inaccurate and not helpful.

Well, there are many trending articles right now that discuss "Love Quotes for Him" and provide various phrases you can say to your husband or boyfriend.

Unfortunately, these "Love Quotes for Him" are not typically what men want to hear.

Again, I don’t stereotype populations but research indicates that the majority of these love quotes are nice for men to hear but they do not fully appreciate and value those quotes as much as the respect quotes.

Love Quotes for Him Conclusion

This article provided you with 10 “love quotes for him,” or rather respect quotes that your partner needs to hear.

Many men thrive off of being a good provider for their loved ones. Make sure that you are mindful of and verbally acknowledge their hard-work and dedication to helping you or your family.

You can also intertwine these quotes with other forms of love language! Get creative and show your partner how much they mean to you!


[1] Eggerichs, E. (2004). Love and respect. Thomas Nelson: Nashville, TN

[2] Springer, S. (2012). Women need love and men need respect? Psychology Today. Retrieved from:

[3]- Chapman, G. (2015). The 5 love languages: The secret to love that lasts. Chicago, IL: Northfield Publishing.

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